Frontiers of game theory / editado por Ken Binmore, Alan Kirman y Piero Tani.

Otros Autores: Binmore, Ken,, Kirman, Alan,, Tani, Piero,
Formato: Libro
Lenguaje: English
Publicado: Cambridge, Massachusetts : MIT Press, 1993
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  • Introduction : Famous gamesters / Ken Binmore, Alan Kirman, and Piero Tani – 1. Cognition and framing in sequential bargaining for gains and losses / Colin F. Camerer
  • 2. Explaining the vote : constituency constraints on sophisticated voting / David Austen-Smith
  • 3. The dynamics of learning in N-person games with the wrong N / Vincent Brousseau and Alan Kirman
  • 4. Stationary equilibria for deterministic graphical games / Steve Alpern
  • 5. Stable coalition structures in consecutive games / Joseph Greenberg and Shlomo Weber
  • 6. The general nucleolus and the reduced-game property / Michael Maschler, Jos Potters, and Stef Tijs
  • 7. Some thoughts on efficiency and information / Françoise Forges
  • 8. On the fair and coalition-strategyproff allocatioin of private goods / Hervé Moulin
  • 9. From repeated to differential games : how time and uncertainty pervade the theory of games / Alain Haurie
  • 10. Unraveling in games of sharing and exchange / Steven J. Brams, D. Marc Kilgour, and Morton D. Davis
  • 11. Does evolution eliminate dominated strategies? / Larry Samuelson
  • 12. Equilibrium selection in stag hunt games / Hans Carlsson and Eric van Damme
  • 13. Variable universe games / Michael Bacharach
  • 14. Aspects of rationalizable behavior / Peter J. Hammond
  • 15. Normative validity and meaning of von Neumann-Morgenstern utilities / John C. Harsanyi
  • 16. De-Bayesing game theory / Ken Binmore.